Turbo Hayabusa Performance and Tuning

The turbo hayabusa is the monster creation of performance junkies and Suzuki Hayabusa enthusiasts alike. Based off of the non turbo hayabusa, or GSXR 1000 or 1300cc Suzuki bike, the turbo hayabusa brings a new meaning to the “hyper sport” classification!

In stock form, a non turbo hayabusa is capable of reaching nearly 200 miles an hour (rated at 194 MPH), making it the fastest production bike of the 20th century! When the non turbo hayabusa rolled into Suzuki dealerships, it was instantly prized for its blazing speed and reliability. Further driving found the non turbo hayabusa to be a perfect blend of superior power, drivability, comfort, and fuel economy.

But, like all great things, there was always the potential to make the non turbo hayabusa better! Enthusiasts stepped in with the wild idea of slapping a turbo on a non turbo hayabusa, which was already a 160 horsepower beast! The result was the turbo hayabusa, in most cases a bike with horsepower approaching the 300 mark and the capability of going well over 200 miles an hour!

At first the turbo hayabusa was just an expensive dream to many bike enthusiasts, but as the years progressed, so did the amount of companies and shops making the turbo hayabusa. This resulted in the production of kits that provided everything needed to create a turbo hayabusa! At a general cost of around 4k, a non turbo hayabusa owner could slap a turbocharger on their bike and gain an additional hundred horsepower!

The performance of a turbo hayabusa was not only found in its horsepower numbers, as all aspects of drivability became increased! Exhaust noise decreased because of resonation from the turbocharger, and fuel mileage in most instances increased due to the tuning required when making a turbo hayabusa! This, amongst many other things, is what has lead us to become fans of the turbo hayabusa, we hope the knowledge of this stellar sport bike we’ve provided has helped guide you in the right path; creating your own turbo hayabusa!