Hayabusa Turbo Performance Gains

The non turbo hayabusa produces 162 rear wheel horsepower in stock form! For a stock bike, the non turbo hayabusa also has the greatest top speed, a whopping 194 miles per hour! Make a turbo hayabusa, and the results just keep getting better, most instances see an increase of 100 horsepower! Because speed is a hard thing to judge and there are many varying conditions that the turbo hayabusa has been tested in for top speed, it can only be said that it will easily go over 200 miles per hour!

The addition of a turbocharger to a non turbo hayabusa is a serious power gain by itself. However the gains you will have with a turbo hayabusa depend on the parts you use. There are many kits to create a turbo hayabusa that will give you everything you need to gain as much as 100 extra horsepower, reliably! These kits generally run around $4000 to make a fully functional turbo hayabusa.

Sometimes, a turbo hayabusa with only 100 horsepower over a non turbo hayabusa just isn’t enough! Most turbo kits adding 100 horsepower to a non turbo hayabusa, require no engine internal modification for this type of gain. From our testing, serious power gains, around 200+ horsepower, require a turbo hayabusa to have engine internal work done such as larger pistons and head work like porting and polishing. Once this work has been done, your turbo hayabusa will be capable of more boost than the preset 8-9 PSI of most kits! Gains when boosting will vary but in most cases we’ve seen another 80 horsepower increase when jumping to 14 PSI on a turbo hayabusa!

All of this additional power of course, is dependent on how well you tune your turbo hayabusa with a Power Commander. We recommend tuning on a dynamometer with a technician who is familiar with turbo hayabusa performance! The possibilities of the turbo hayabusa are endless; some of our test bikes even reached over 600 horsepower! How much power your turbo hayabusa gains depends on how much time and money you’re willing put into it, but rest assured, there’s nothing like the thrill of a hyper-fast turbo hayabusa!