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Turbo Hayabusa

Welcome to the home of knowledge and information about the legendary turbo hayabusa! As you may know, the turbo hayabusa did not come from Suzuki in stock form. The turbo hayabusa is an enthusiast built superbike built for the thrill of insane speed!

The turbo hayabusa is an offshoot of Suzuki’s popular hayabusa or GSXR 1300 hyper sport bike. The non turbo hayabusa was a favourite among bike enthusiasts for its already insane top speed. The 1999 non turbo hayabusa was capable of 194 miles per hour, so just think if it was a turbo hayabusa how much faster that could be!

So how do you make a turbo hayabusa? The most important factor of the turbo hayabusa is its turbocharger. A turbo hayabusa does not need a large turbocharger for its 1300cc engine, therefore many applicants will use a small Mitsubishi turbocharger that will bring on almost 100 extra horsepower at a mere 8 PSI!

Creating a turbo hayabusa yourself is not hard! There are many kits available to make your non turbo hayabusa into a turbo hayabusa. We are an organization dedicated to bringing you the best turbo hayabusa knowledge so you can feel the thrilling rush of the insane speed that can be had from a turbo hayabusa! Surpass all other bikes on the road and go beyond the “hyper sport” description with a turbo hayabusa!

Because all non turbo hayabusas require the fabrication of a turbocharger kit to gain almost 100 additional horsepower, the thought of tampering with a non turbo hayabusa can be daunting! Lucky for you, many companies provide turbo kits for creating the legendary turbo hayabusa! We have dealt with many of these companies in order to source those who will give us a turbo hayabusa with serious power gains while retaining the comfort, drivability, and overall functionality of our stock bike! Below is what we look for in a turbo kit when making a turbo hayabusa:

The Difference Between A Street and Race Turbo Hayabusa Kit

There are many parts that make up a turbo hayabusa kit, but there are some that differentiate a “race” kit from a “street” kit. A turbo hayabusa street kit will usually include a smaller turbocharger and everything you need to have a turbo hayabusa that functions as reliable as your stock bike. A race turbo hayabusa kit will usually have a larger turbocharger and come with a race only tune to run on alcohol or race fuel ONLY!  We love a turbo hayabusa in any form but it is important to pick the type of kit that best suits your needs!

Name Brand Turbochargers

We feel it is important to find a kit that uses brand name turbochargers in their turbo hayabusa kits because the turbo is the most important piece of the puzzle! Name brand turbochargers, such as Mitsubishi or Garrett, always prove to be more reliable in turbo hayabusa applications and are less prone to failing and damaging your motor!

A Turbo Hayabusa Kit With All Nessecary Hardware

A turbo hayabusa kit that includes all the nessecary hardware for installation is a sure-fire sign that you’re getting the most bang for your buck! By this, a turbo hayabusa kit should have every bracket, screw, and oil line, needed to make sure the job is done right and fits like it is stock!

Exhaust Included in a Turbo Hayabusa Kit

The best turbo hayabusa kits that we have dealt with include a fully plumbed exhaust system. The exhaust parts in these turbo hayabusa kits are an essential part of bringing you nearly 100 horsepower and should include an exhaust manifold, downpipe, and new exhaust pipe with a piping diameter of at least 2 ¼”.

The Intake Parts of a Turbo Hayabusa Kit

A turbo hayabusa kit should include any part needed to get air into the turbo and then into the engine. One of the most important parts of a turbo hayabusa kit as far as intake goes is a plenum that will enclose the stock individual throttle bodies. This is an essential piece of any turbo hayabusa kit that usually costs more if purchased individually!

A Pre-Tuned Turbo Hayabusa Kit

To take the pain out of having a fully running turbo hayabusa at the end of the kit installation, the best companies include a CD that has tuning that can be downloaded to a Power Commander. This data has been tuned for complete functionality and is very important to creating a like-stock turbo hayabusa!